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Giant Marketers’ WordPress support service will help you maintain your website. Our team of SEO experts can help you monitor your site’s uptime as well as its WordPress updates, themes, and plugins. We will help you backup your site’s content and can aid in the removal of any malware or viruses you may have.Managing your business website is an important responsibility and we enjoy helping you to keep your house in order. including USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Spain

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Ready To Make Your Website Easier To Manage?

Are you struggling to maintain your website and need help with WordPress? Consult one of our
WordPress specialists to explore a solution that is right for you.

WordPress Maintenance Service

In our website maintenance packages for WordPress, we serve our clients with a number of periodic services. Through the WordPress CMS, we will check your site updates, security measures, performance reports, and backups.
Our maintenance includes a comprehensive checklist of daily, weekly, and emergency support items, as detailed below. We at Giant Marketers developed this service after years of experience working with websites across the globe.

WooCommerce Maintenance Service

For WooCommerce sites, we employ a maintenance strategy prioritizing your online store’s functionality. Managing your eCommerce site’s traffic, appearance and uptime is paramount in today’s online world. Our service includes keyword tracking, unlimited edits and 24/7 uptime monitoring.
See the below list for more details on our WooCommerce maintenance plan:

WordPress Page Speed Optimization Service

Website speed plays a major role in SEO. For your website page speed, our goal at Giant Marketers is to load your site in under 3 seconds. We provide WordPress speed optimization in order to improve your user experience and boost your website’s search ranking factor.
See our outline below for the major aspects of our speed optimization service.

WordPress Emergency Service

Our team of WordPress experts is on call if our clients need anything. In the case of an emergency for your WordPress website, you can contact us to immediately begin work on a solution.
We promise to fix any major issue within 2 hours to ensure that your site or store is returned to operation for your users.

WordPress Malware Removal Service

For any malware related problems with your WordPress site, you can come to us to take care of them. Our team has experience dealing with all kinds of malware and the common website vulnerabilities to them. Call us and we can efficiently identify and effectively remove any malware currently plaguing your website.

WordPress Security Service

Our WordPress security services include preventative measures to protect your site. Our team will use professional scans and periodic security reports to maintain the health of your website. See the list below for a comprehensive view of all the security services we can provide for you. Your site’s internal and external security is always of the utmost importance to us.

WordPress Migration Service

If you are planning to move your website onto or off of WordPress, or are moving between WordPress sites, we can help you. Our migration service includes a complete process that will securely transfer all of your site’s data. Our team will complete the migration within 48 hours and will provide support afterward to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Ready To Make Your Website Easier To Manage?

Are you struggling to maintain your website and need help with WordPress? Consult one of our
WordPress specialists to explore a solution that is right for you.


We Are WordPress Experts

We have over a decade of experience working with WordPress websites. Giant Marketers has helped clients create, optimize, and secure their WP sites. We have seen every major issue and have worked to efficiently resolve them.

How WordPress Support Service Can Help Your Business?

No matter what your product or service is, in order to grow you need to make sure that your site works. Our WordPress support services will ensure uptime, optimize your site’s structure and speed, and altogether secure your business’ online presence.

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For instant access to our support professionals for any question or issue you are facing, you can access our live chat here:


Most Popular Questions

Providing WordPress support services for as long as we have, you encounter some of the same questions over and over. Presented below are some of our frequently asked questions, with their answers provided for you:


We can provide our support services for your website on a monthly basis, as long as you need, or just as a one-time project. The service duration for our support services is up to you.


We would be happy to manage multiple websites for you. For multiple websites, we provide a discounted price. You would just need to contact us with your order total and number of sites you need service for, and our team can help you secure the discounted price.


If you have a WordPress website and need help managing it, or require emergency services for problems such as malware or downtime, then yes, our team should be able to help you. These are exactly the kind of serious problems we resolve, in addition to just helping maintain your website’s functioning over time. 


We will perform periodic maintenance and checks on your website. For specific issues and questions you may have, our response time will vary but we always promise to get back to you within 12 hours. We will work to resolve any problems you encounter within that same time period of 12 hours. We are available 24/7 to help support your site.


Our team will consistently monitor your website’s uptime with 24/7 software. As soon as we encounter any issues or potential downtime, we will be sure to communicate it with you and work to resolve it as efficiently as we can. We will try to prompt you ahead of time so that you hear it from us and not your users or customers.


Yes, we do. We have extensive experience with WordPress sites of all kinds, including WooCommerce websites.


WordPress maintenance service is continuous support for your website’s uptime, optimize its speed, manage any issues that come up over time, such as malware or downtime, and much more. 


After ordering the support services through our website, you will receive a welcome email with more information. You will gain login credentials to our client portal where we can communicate with each other and update you on our progress. It should take between 24-48 hours to be fully onboarded and for our service to begin.


Our services are performed by trained professionals and security is always one of our highest priorities. We employ antivirus software scans and checks for your site, on both a proactive and reactive level. Additionally, when we begin working on your site, we will take a full backup of its content to ensure nothing will be lost. We also include many other security protocols through our services. If you have additional questions or wish to discuss our security, then please contact us and we would be happy to discuss.


The Giant Marketers track record for SEO services of all kinds, including WordPress site design, development and support, is practically unparalleled in the industry. Read our reviews for more details. We have served over 50 countries and our team includes 40+ local and foreign SEO professionals. Our team has diverse experience and enjoys helping businesses grow. You can count on us to provide you just the support you need for your new, existing, established or unknown (so far) website. We will communicate with you every step of the way as we plan and work on your website.

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We have extensive experience in delivering top-notch tailored SEO solutions across a wide range of industries. Uncover all the brands we have worked with so far from here and let the results speak on our behalf.

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